Ethics and Sustainability

Planet-conscious and sustainable clothing. Inspired by nature and a love of the outdoors.
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Born Free Printworksโ€™ Ethics Policy

At Born Free Printworks, we are deeply committed to the principles of ethics and sustainability. These values are not just words on a page; they guide every decision we make as a company.

Rejecting Sweatshops: Our Stand for Fairness

In an industry plagued by sweatshops and worker exploitation, we take a firm stance against such practices. We envision a world where every person involved in crafting our clothing is compensated fairly and treated with dignity.

Transparency and Responsibility

We believe in complete transparency throughout our supply chain. It’s not just about the end product; it’s about the entire journey. We meticulously vet the brands and suppliers we collaborate with to ensure they adhere to the laws and regulations that govern their operations. Born Free Printworks has a strict policy of not engaging with any entity that falls short of these vital ethical standards.

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Our Sustainability Commitment

Born Free Printworks is unwavering in its commitment to ethical and sustainable practices that resonate across our production processes.

Our print-on-demand model is more than just a business strategy; it’s a conscious choice to reduce waste and conserve resources. Products are created only when they are ordered, eliminating the problem of excess stock that often ends up in landfills.

Local Production, Global Impact

To further lessen our environmental footprint, we are proud to have our products printed and packaged at a UK-based facility. While packaging materials may vary, they are all eco-friendly, and we are continually innovating to enhance their sustainability.

Materials with a Conscience

We prioritize the materials we use. Our garments are meticulously sourced, favouring those made from organic cotton and utilizing recycled plastic fibres in our production process.

Inks That Care: Vegan, Eco-Friendly, and Safe

Our commitment to sustainability extends to the inks we use. Born Free Printworks employs Kornit printers that utilize vegan and eco-friendly inks. These inks are also OEKO-TEXยฎ approved, guaranteeing they are free from any harmful chemicals that could harm the environment.

Waste Reimagined: Textile Recycling

Beyond production, we are equally dedicated to managing our waste responsibly. Every scrap of textile waste generated by our business is repurposed into products like carpet underlay, diverting waste from landfills and giving it a second life.

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Join Us in Shaping Tomorrow

In our relentless pursuit of ethical and sustainable practices, Born Free Printworks isn’t just printing clothing; we’re printing a vision of a world where ethical and sustainable choices are the norm, not the exception.

Explore our Garment Care and learn how to cherish your eco-friendly apparel so that it last as long as possible.

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At Born Free Printworks, we’re not just about printing clothing; we’re about printing a vision of a better, more ethical, and sustainable world. Your support helps us drive positive change in the fashion industry and minimize our impact on the environment.

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